2019 Conference Materials

Below are the materials for the Indiana Safety and Health Conference. Click on the session title to access the materials for that session. If the session title is not linked (in this case, orange), the materials have not yet been received from the speaker(s), unless otherwise indicated. Materials will be added as they are received.

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Morning Workshops

Workshop 1
WK1. Noise: Health Effects, Measurements and Controls
Andrew Havics, CIH, PE, pH2, LLC

Workshop 2
WK2. Values-Based Safety: The Power Behind Safety Motivation (No materials will be provided in advance of this session.)
John Drebinger, CSP, John Drebinger Presentations

Workshop 3
WK3. Six Feet Up or Six Feet Under
Russ Howell, Sentinel Safety Group

Workshop 4
WK4. Ergonomic Assessment Tools
Kenny Young, CSP, ARM, CRIS, AINS, CEAS, Trinity Safety Group

INSHARP/VPP Meeting (No materials will be provided in advance of this session.)
Beth Gonzalez, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Afternoon Workshops

Workshop 5
WK5. Gibson Supervisor Excellence Certification: Kickoff and Communication, OSHA Compliance, and Accident Investigation
David Burke, CSP; Gary Clark, RSP; and Izzy DeJesus, CSP, OHST, Gibson

Workshop 6
WK6. Arc Flash, OSHA and NFPA 70E: Get Protected
Doug Tellin, Electrical Safety Specialists, LLC

Workshop 7
WK7. Get the Edge: Become a Discretionary Effort Leader
Karla Brandau, CSP, CF, RCC, Workplace Power Institute

Workshop 8
WK8. It’s Not You, It’s Your Content
Melissa Harrison, Allee Creative

Workshop 9
WK9. Addressing Global Injury Trends With Fitness for Duty Testing and Ergonomics: The Role of the Safety Professional
Trevor Bardarson, PT, OCS, CBES, WorkSaver Systems


Keynote Presentation: Safety in Football (No materials will be provided in advance of this session.)
Jeff Saturday, ESPN NFL Analyst

Concurrent Session One

Construction and Maintenance
1A. Opioid Abuse in Construction
Dean Devenney, Drewry Simmons Vornehm; Tiffany Ellefson, DISA/Midwest Toxicology Services; Jason Miller, Indiana State Police; and Marcy Watson, Coalition for Construction Safety

Effective Safety Management
1B. Safety Onboarding: The Opportunity to Grow Your Safety Culture, One Person at a Time
Cathy Hansell, SMS, CSM, CCSR, MS, JD, Breakthrough Results, LLC

General Safety Sessions
1C. Behavioral Safety Leadership: A Proven Process to Quickly Improve Safety Results
John Austin, Ph.D., Reaching Results

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
1D. Air Sampling for the Non-Industrial Hygienist
Tony Kuritz, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
1E. ISO 45001: Safety Management Systems
Elizabeth Hill, BCA Environmental Consultants, LLC

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
1F. How Safety and Health Professionals Can Effectively Use First Aid for Injury Mitigation
Sheila Denman, MA, MS, PT, CEIS, ATI Worksite Solutions

Supervisor Excellence
1G. Accident Documentation
Andy Metsker, Gibson

Technology In Safety
1H. What You Really Need for an OSHA-Compliant Fall Protection Anchorage
Tracey Riepenhoff, PE, CSP, LJB Inc.

Updates in Education and Consulting Skills
1I. Making Refresher Training Fun!
Kevin Beswick, RMS Safety

Concurrent Session Two

Construction and Maintenance
2A. Planting the Seed: Safety Leadership in Construction
Chris Hall, CHST, Safety Resources,Inc.

Effective Safety Management
2B. How One of America’s Safest Companies Approaches Safety Culture Leadership
Joseph Wheatley, EnPro Industries, Inc.

General Safety Sessions
2C. Safety Communications Karma: You Get What You Give
Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, The Learning Factory, Inc.

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
2D. Can You Hear Me Now?: Hearing Conservation
Brad Freeman and Gary Hulbert, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
2E. Managing Safety Risk-Takers: Legal Discipline Strategies for Workers Who Disregard Safety Obligations
Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., Fisher Phillips LLP

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
2F. Their Tales and Yours: Complying with Regulation While Supporting Recovery (previously “Substance Use Disorder and Your Workforce”)
Brandon George, Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition and Michael Thibideau, Wellness Council of Indiana

Supervisor Excellence
2G. Cost of Worker’s Compensation
Andy Litchfield, CEES, UACRM, Gibson

Technology In Safety
2H. Cage Free Ladders? Fall Protection Solutions for Fixed Ladders
Kevin Denis, Gravitec Systems, Inc.

Updates in Education and Consulting Skills
2I. Go from Effective to Impressive Safety Training
Brad Weber, Sheakley Workforce Management Services

Concurrent Session Three

Construction and Maintenance
3A. Some Issues with the Silica in Construction Regulations
Andrew Havics, CIH, PE, pH2, LLC

Effective Safety Management
3B. Confined Space and Elevated Rescue Preparedness
Aaron Bolinger, Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory

General Safety Sessions
3C. Fall Prevention vs. Fall Protection: A New Safety Category
Dave Francis, Little Giant Ladder Systems

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
3D. Culture Shock: The Effects of Exemplary Programs on Safety
Kenneth Boucher and Rebecca Ellson, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
3E. Helping Supervisors Lead the Way

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
3F. Successful Strategies for Mitigating Workplace Violence
Andrew Tirmenstein, KERAMIDA

Supervisor Excellence
3G. Harassment/EEOC
Shawna Neilson, AIC, AIM, AIS, Gibson

Technology In Safety
3H. The Future of Predicting Injuries with Safety Metrics and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Chuck Pettinger, Ph.D., Predictive Solutions

Updates in Education and Consulting Skills
3I. Pushing Through the Plateau: Taking Your Safety Program to the Next Level
Mark Pergrem, MS, SAFEmap International

Concurrent Session Four

Construction and Maintenance
4A. Safe Rigging Practices
Rob Siemens, Royal Arc

Effective Safety Management
4B. Environmental Health and Safety Considerations for Distillery Operations: A Holistic Approach
Joshua Clay, Wilcox Environmental Engineering

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
4D. Don’t Fall for It…Get Arrested
Jameson Berry, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
4E. Understanding Worker’s Compensation
Stephanie Perry and Gabrielle Zimmer, USI Insurance Services

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
4F. Where Does Worker Safety Begin and End? Ending Distracted Driving
John Coye, Walsh Construction and Brendan Sullivan, Cellcontrol

Technology In Safety
4H. Machine Functional Safety: Safety Rated Control Systems
Amber Gray, FS Tech (TÜV Rheinland, #324/ 15, Machinery), Kirby Risk

Updates in Education and Consulting Skills
4I. Can You Defend Your Training on Game Day?
Daniel Snyder, CSP, CET, SPAN International Training LLC


Concurrent Session Five

Construction and Maintenance
5A. Safety in Wind Turbine Construction
Kevin Turner, CSP, CRIS, Infrastructure and Energy Alternatives, Inc. (IEA)

Effective Safety Management
5B. Professional Certification: The Winning Game Plan for Safety and Health Practitioners
David West, CSP, ASP, PE, CHMM, Board of Certified Safety Professionals

General Safety Sessions
5C. Issues That Might Be Sabotaging Your Electrical Safety Program
Daryn Lewellyn, Electrical Training Pro, LLC

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
5D. Still Improving: Trends in Post-Recession Workplace Injuries and Illnesses
Joe Black and Stacy Wart, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
5E. Temporary Workers: Best Practices For Mutual Safety Success
Greg Clone, CSP and Melanie Nykamp, CSHM, Eastern Alliance Insurance Group

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
5F. Communicating the Value of Ergonomics to Business Stakeholders
Blake McGowan, CPE, Humantech, Inc.

Universal Safety
5G. Getting in Front of The Problem: Early Identification and Improved Management of High-Risk Work Injuries
Kalen M. Morgan, MHS, OTR/L, CHT, CEAS, KORT WorkStrategies Coordinator

General Safety Sessions II
5H. Serious Injuries and Fatalities (SIFs): The Shifting Paradigm and its Application
William Coffey, CSP, CPEA, WRC Safety and Risk Consultants

Concurrent Session Six

Construction and Maintenance
6A. The In’s and Out’s of Welding Safety
Greg Anderson, MS, Kennedy Tank & Mfg.

Effective Safety Management
6B. Safety in the “Gig” Economy: Temps, Contingent Workers and Contractors
Adele Abrams, CMSP, Esq., Law Office of Adele L. Abrams PC

General Safety Sessions
6C. Preventing Injuries by Implementing Preventative (PM) and Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Strategies
Gwendolyn L. Arps, CSP and Michael Schlagenhaufer, Acuity Insurance

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
6D. What’s in Your Safety Program?
Mark McDaniel, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
6E. Why Human Resources Should be Safety’s Best Friend: Driving Behavior in Organizations
Laurence Pearlman, MA, Marsh Risk Consulting and Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois School of Labor & Employment Relations

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
6F. Hospitalizations and Serious Injuries in Indiana
Julie Alexander, JD, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Universal Safety
6G. Periodic Health and Safety Audit Benefits
Heidi P. Knight, Esq., Beveridge & Diamond, PC and Mack Overton, KERAMIDA

General Safety Sessions II
6H. Influencing Behaviors to Improve Employee Safety Performance
Keith Robinson, CSP, CHMM, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Luncheon Presentation: The Wife Left Behind: The Making of a Safety Professional
Regina McMichael, CSP, CET, The Learning Factory

Concurrent Session Seven

Construction and Maintenance
7A. Preventing Fatal Falls from Roof Projects
Matt Holland, CSP, Arconic

Effective Safety Management
7B. Effective Communication for the Safety Professional
Daniel Boreman, Emission Monitoring Service, Inc.

General Safety Sessions
7C. A Playbook for Safe Additive Manufacturing
Gary Roth, MS, PhD, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
7D. Good Dirt! Trenching and Excavation Safety in Construction
Bryan Thais, Indiana Dept. of Labor

Management Safety Principles and Solutions
7E. So You’ve Been Cited for a Safety Violation…Now What?
Ryan Poor, Ice Miller LLP

Occupational Health Safety & Wellness
7F. Building the Winning Ergonomics Team
Timothy Pottorff, CIE, ARM, QP3 ErgoSystems LLC

Concurrent Session Eight

Construction and Maintenance
8A. New Construction and General Industry Silica Rules: What They Mean for You
Daniel Engling, KERAMIDA, Inc

Effective Safety Management
8B. Reducing Regulations: An OSHA Legislative and Enforcement Update
Daniel Flynn and Anna Claire Skinner, Dinsmore & Shohl

General Safety Sessions
8C. National Office Furniture’s Story: Injuries Reduced by 80%
Vince Cooke, SGE, PSP, National Office Furniture

INSafe/Safety Fundamentals
8D. What to Expect When You’re Inspected (No materials will be provided in advance of this session.)
Kirsten Gent, John Grimes and Jeremy Galloway, Indiana Dept. of Labor