10 Tips for attending the 2021 Indiana Safety and Health Conference & Expo

Learn how to use the virtual platform tool – Whova

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The 2021 Indiana Safety and Health Conference will be hosted online, via Whova, a tool you may or may not have used before. To make the most of your time ‘onsite,’ take an hour or two before the conference begins to play around in the event hub. Find out how to access sessions, check your audio, and work out any glitches. Here is a tutorial video about how to get the most out of the conference, watch it! Your experience is in your control.

Block off your calendar

Work never stops, but when you’re attending the virtual conference it should take a backseat – even if only for an hour or two at a time. After all, you chose to attend a virtual conference because you saw value in the speakers, educational sessions, and networking opportunities, so don’t throw away the time you have to learn and grow! Make sure your co-workers know when you’ll be busy and make an effort not to check email while you’re in sessions.

Schedule your time based on live and on-demand

This conference comes with a variety of content – some that should be viewed in real-time and some that can be watched at your convenience. When you build your schedule, pay attention to which sessions need to be watched live and which are adjustable based on your needs. Consider adding ‘live’ or ‘on-demand’ to appointments when blocking out your calendar. Don’t forget, speakers will be available for live Q&A during their scheduled time slot on the agenda.

Keep your family in the loop

This work from home life means that most of